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Reetesh’s Old Memoirs

After lurking on the internet and posting on many forums from 1999 to 2003. I finally starting writing blog posts on and these were memoir-like posts by a young me, talking about younger me, playing games as little kid and growing up with games being a part of my life. This series was later featured on’s home page, and every post got the eyes of people going to the Top 3 games website back in the day. I had a great time chronicling my story and enjoying as others related to the same stories. I made many friends through these posts and I started getting better and better as a writer because of this. Most of the writing style was extremely personal and littered with emoticons, because this was, of course, meant to be more of personal writing, and not like my formal essay writing exercises that I would do outside of the internet.

The original series can be found on my profile in (stripped of all comments because of site transitions) and I am archiving them one by one as newer series, sort of like Director’s Commentary, at WeastFellows as ROM (Reetesh’s Old Memoirs).

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