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Road Down The Software Path 

I have been tinkering with computers ever since I first laid my hands on them. From the time I knew that all the games I played were made on computers and that I could also maybe make games like the one I enjoy, always excited me and brought me to computers. The first programming language I learned was was LOGO as it was what was being taught at schools at that time. I quickly picked up web development and made my first website at the age of 12 using HTML and Flash development book. With Geocities no longer existing, I’ve uploaded a semi-functional archive of my very geocities site here.

I soon developed a habit of picking up new programming languages that interested me and developing small projects using them. Throughout my undergrad I used things like Java, C, Adobe Air, php, WordPress, Joomla and many others to figure out what I could be doing. For my Masters I specialized in the field of Artificial Intelligence and studied a range of topics which can be listed out here.

Soon I got my first job and have been working there as a generalist Software Engineer, working on a wide variety of domains including Firmware development, App Developer and Web Development. Here I also gained experience on Product and Project management, by being part of every phase of our Product Development and by taking on the responsibility of contracting few of our projects out to firms.

All the while, also as a hobby developer, I have developed many independent tools, games and ideas in my free time. These are usually ideas that I come up with because of the hobbies I keep. Most of the projects I’ve worked on are listed in the portfolio section below.


Professional Experience