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WEastFellows is a site that I founded along with my long-time internet buddy Giancarlo Biaggi, and this was meant to be a place the West (Giancarlo from Peru) and East (Me from India) would meet and talk about the same thing with different perspectives. The name …

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Bhel Puri Magazine

I was part Bhel Puri was a magazine completely funded, founded, and operated by people in their 20s, this was a local Youth oriented magazine for the Hyderabad-Secunderabad metropolitan area. It was a great experience being part of the founding journey with a bunch of other …

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Reetesh’s Old Memoirs

After lurking on the internet and posting on many forums from 1999 to 2003. I finally starting writing blog posts on and these were memoir-like posts by a young me, talking about younger me, playing games as little kid and growing up with games being …

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