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WEastFellows is a site that I founded along with my long-time internet buddy Giancarlo Biaggi, and this was meant to be a place the West (Giancarlo from Peru) and East (Me from India) would meet and talk about the same thing with different perspectives. The name was inspired by a gag in Spongebob Squarepants. Be it Games, Manga, Anime, or whatever form of media we wanted to talk write or talk about, we would do it there. We were both friends since early 2000s on and were inspired by Jeff Gerstmann, Ryan Davis at gamespot with their podcasts etc, and wanted to create a personality driven site, in 2008. We started off with a podcast, commenting on all things that happened in 2007 E3, the now infamous Ps3 reveal E3. ¬†After that we covered many things uniquely East, or West, or both. The site is now most me posting my media critique pieces and collecting other posts I’ve written all over the internet.

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